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Tandem Yacht Charters for Small Group Vacations

Most charter yachts take a maximum of 10 or 12 guests. So what do you do if you have 15, 20 or 30 guests in your party? That’s easy – you can charter multiple yachts that sail together in company – that’s called a “tandem yacht charter”. Whether you’re part of a multi-generational family or just seeking an unforgettable holiday with a group of friends or other families, a tandem yacht charter for small group vacations offers you twice as much fun in the sea. You’ll also gain invaluable benefits you’ve probably never even thought about.

Lots of Togetherness

The only time that the entire group is separate is when you are sailing, and you can mix the guests around for this if you’d like. Once in port, you are anchored “next door” to each other so that swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding or tendering back and forth is easy. Weather permitting, the yachts can “raft-up” which means tying them together so that you can easily walk back and forth between the yachts – it’s like having one giant deck space for your small group vacation.

Private & Sociable – The Ideal Compromise

You want to vacation together, but you need not be in each other’s pockets all the time. Sailing on two or more yachts grants you the freedom to choose just how much time you all spend, as a group. Your small group vacations’ itineraries will be the same, of course, so you’ll sail together, anchor together and enjoy all the activities together. But if you want to take a few hours of ‘me time’ with just your partner, or the kids, you can do that too.

A tandem yacht charter for small group vacations can give you a lot more options, freedom and privacy than one bigger single yacht. The kids can enjoy their own alone time too! We can organize a special kid’s dinner and movie night on one yacht, leaving parents to indulge in a stunning candlelit dinner on the other. Private or sociable? You pick and choose.

Greater Flexibility

On a tandem yacht charter, you’ll have the chance to be together when you want or split up temporarily if you so wish, granting you fantastic flexibility on your small group vacations. Perhaps some of you may want a land excursion while the rest a fishing expedition; some of the kids want to learn wakeboarding while the others just want to bomb dive and snorkel. Or maybe the ladies want to hijack one yacht for some girly time of massages and shopping on shore and leave the kids and men to frolic in the sea on their own? Granted, you may run the risk of the ladies never returning, but we think it’s definitely a risk worth taking!

Cast off on two yachts or catamarans and you’ll have twice the sporting equipment, twice the crew, twice the space, and twice the options.

Double The Fun…And Double The Yum!

Having two superb and experienced chefs at your service on small group vacations is just one of the many benefits of tandem yacht charters. Our chefs are masters of their art and they thrive when they can offer a much greater variety of delectable food to their guests.

Although it is difficult for one large group to enjoy a sit-down meal all together on one yacht, you can alternate dinner companions or opt for a casual buffet instead. Happy Hour is always a favorite time for the group to gather on one yacht, enjoying laughter and local libations.

We Select The Right Crew

Tandem yacht charters are a real treat for our crew, who love nothing more than the chance to work together with different people on small group vacations. Captains and their crew love bouncing ideas off each other and coming up with amazing itineraries and unique activities for you and your group.

Bigger Yacht = Great Options

The larger the yacht, the greater the options: if you wish for even more space and flexibility for your small group vacations then we suggest you charter superyachts for your tandem yacht charter jaunt.

Sail side by side on an exciting corner of the globe and share amazing experiences with those you hold most dear. Book a tandem yacht charter for your next group adventure, and dare we say you’ll never go back to single-vessel sailing again!