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Unique & Romantic Honeymoon Yacht Charters

Could there be a better way to celebrate your loving union than by heading off on a honeymoon yacht charter and sailing to some impossibly romantic corner of the world? We certainly don’t think so!

The added sprinkle of privacy and freedom aboard a luxury sailing or motor yacht is what makes a honeymoon yacht charter ideal for de-stressing from wedding plans, connecting with your soul-mate and enjoying some much-needed togetherness. Anchor in a secluded bay, skinny dip under the stars, savor a romantic candlelit dinner on a deserted beach and do as much (or as little) as your heart desires.

When it comes to the ultimate honeymoon…there’s no better way to enjoy it than aboard a luxurious honeymoon yacht charter.

Freedom & Privacy

Aboard a honeymoon yacht charter you’re in charge of your days, your activities and your privacy. Delve into the crowds of a vibrant port town for some sightseeing or enjoy a morning of snorkeling over a reef with only your loved one as companion on your honeymoon sailing vacation. Sail away to new horizons on a whim or stay as long as you like on a deserted island you’ve both fallen in love with. No strict itineraries, no group activities, no timetables, no crowded restaurants and no obligations. Just you, your love and your desires. The freedom to do as you please and the flexibility to change your mind at a moment’s notice. If that doesn’t spell ‘honeymoon perfection’ then we don’t know what would!

Gourmet Catering

A personal chef to whip up your most dreamt about meals is one of the most priceless additions to a honeymoon yacht charter. Prior to departure, we’ll ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire so that your chef is knowledgeable about all your likes, wishes and tastes. We’ll include three meals a day – which can be as gourmet or as simple as you wish – as well as a fully-stocked bar brimming with your favorite wines and liqueurs. Your chef on a luxury yacht charter honeymoon is adept at catering for any dietary requirements, so he or she can create a gastronomic itinerary that your taste buds will never forget.

Abounding Activities

Aboard your luxury yacht charter honeymoon, you’ll find all the fun toys you’ll need to make for an active and entertaining honeymoon. Use them all or use none, the choice is always yours. Snorkel, waterski, kayak, fish, and wakeboard every morning if you like or spend your days lounging in the sun and surf in the turquoise waters of your chosen destination. If there is a land activity you want to try, your crew will be more than happy to organize that for you. Want to rent a car or be driven in a limo? Join a group activity or have a personalized guide take you on a private tour of a mysterious island? Your crew can organize that too on your honeymoon sailing adventure.

Experienced Crew

The size of the crew varies with the size of the yacht. A 60’ sailing honeymoon yacht charter would typically be staffed by a licensed captain and gourmet chef with one of the crew members specializing in watersports. A 120’ superyacht might have a crew of 5-6 including captain, chef, engineer, stewardesses and deck hands… all primed to creating an extraordinary adventure for you on your luxury yacht charter honeymoon. It takes a special kind of crew to work on a honeymoon yacht charter. The kind of intuitive and professional people who know how to be attentive without being intrusive, and know how to work behind the scenes to grant guests honeymoon-perfection, without appearing at every turn. Discreet, competent and pampering, our experienced crew will be a true highlight of your journey.

Where In The World?

When it comes to choosing a honeymoon yacht charter destination, your options are near endless. Every corner of the globe offers something unique and is suited to a very particular mood...and a very special couple. You love birds could be delving into enticing history along the Croatian Coast, adding a splash of glamour to your journey along the French Riviera, injecting boundless adventure to your jaunt in Bali and the Komodo islands, or soaking up tropical sunrays galore in the Caribbean Islands. When you’re ready to embark on your once-in-a-lifetime adventure, your luxury yacht charter honeymoon, let us help you find the perfect destination for you.