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Re-discover Freedom on Custom Yacht Charters

Freedom. Relaxation. Romance. Life aboard custom yacht charters is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Be free to see and do as you please: free to sleep in, or rise early, free to take a midnight swim or a sunrise snorkel. Free to shout “This is MY day and I’ll do with it as I please!”

There’s no other vacation style on earth which can offer you the kind of personal freedom as a custom yacht charter vacation. Not only do you get to discover some of the most incredible corners of our planet, but you get to do so in unrivalled style and comfort. Sail the Galapagos Islands or explore the amazing hidden corners of the Mediterranean aboard our custom yacht charters. Perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway tickles your fancy? We can take you there too. Along with your luxury floating resort complete with personal chef, an activities guide, your own concierge and an array of fun water toys.

Flexibility & Freedom on Custom Yacht Charters

It is often said that one cannot have it all, but whoever coined that phrase must have obviously never enjoyed a luxury yacht charter vacation. Because aboard our custom yacht charters, you certainly can have it all. You have the freedom to dictate almost anything about your journey: when and where you’ll start, where you want to go, and of course, what you’ll do when you get there. A party on the beach, a masseuse onboard, a Tepanyaki grilled lunch on the sundeck, a private wine tasting at a local vineyard, or a waverunner excursion through the mangroves. The captains aboard our custom yacht charters will be there to work out the logistics, so all you have to do is wish…and enjoy! Superior flexibility means that once you have a plan in mind, you can still change it as you sail along. This is your vacation, after all.

Gourmet Catering

Gourmet meals, cooked by our professional and dedicated chefs, are prepared to suit your tastes. Indulgent seafood and only the best ingredients are used in the catering of our yacht charter guests, with chefs incorporating local delicacies wherever possible. You can detail your preferences and any special dietary needs or let the chefs run wild with their imagination. Grill fresh caught fish, truffle oils, herb infused cheeses, farm to table vegetables, exotic fruits, hand-made pasta. These are just a few of their favorite things.

Luxury & Comfort

With custom yacht charters come an array of luxuries. Choose from catamarans, sailing or motor yachts, and your comfort will be guaranteed. Delightfully furnished vessels with an array of mod-cons like WiFi, games consoles, satellite phones and anything else you may need. Choose to have a masseuse on board or a SCUBA diving instructor; a yoga teacher or, perhaps, a professional underwater photography expert who can teach you the tricks of their trade. NO request is ever too small or too big, so simply let us know what you’d like to find on board, and we'll do our utmost to deliver.

Unique Experiences

Perhaps there's a hidden historical ruin you’d like to visit ashore, or you've heard about a special beachside restaurant, bar, or maybe you want to include a special day-trip to your custom yacht charter's itinerary. If it’s doable, we'll make it happen. Including extra curricular activities and excursions is our specialty and as long as we have time to arrange transport and guide it will not be an issue. Should you come across something at the last minute then rest assured that we'll go to much effort to include it in your custom yacht charter's itinerary.

Want to rediscover freedom on your next vacation? Then cast off on a luxury custom yacht charter and you can!

A custom yacht charter can take you to new horizons every day, give you access to places that few ever get to know and all in the highest comfort. It’s about feeling free, having new choices each day and sharing extraordinary times with the people you care about.