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Impeccable Service That Delights

Impeccable service is more than smiling and knowing which side to clear your plate from or cleaning cabins to 5-star standards. On a superyacht charter, impeccable service is proactive, anticipating your needs and fulfilling them before you have to ask. It’s about listening to your wishes and surpassing your expectations.

Things like the stewardess overhearing a conversation about the best dessert you’ve ever had, and the chef preparing you that dessert at your next meal. Or arriving in an anchorage to find that the crew has already gone ahead and set up a cabana on a private piece of beach- waverunners in the water, masseuse on standby, and sliders on the grill.

Our hand-picked, well-trained and highly experienced crew members work together like a well-oiled machine to offer what we call “customer delight” which is way beyond customer service. They are available throughout the day and evening for food and beverage service (both planned and unplanned); they act as a concierge and even sightseeing guides in each port of call as well as while the yachts are underway; and they serve as guides and instructors for watersports activities.

The Crew is One of the Most Important Ingredients

Our crews are international with Americans, French, British, South Africans, New Zealand, and Australians being the most common. All comply with the maritime regulations and licensing of their various flag states. Each of our crew members has a unique background, one which has led to a love for being on the water. What they share is a true zest for life, attentiveness to service, dedication to safety, and a passion and deep respect for the ocean.

The size of your crew depends on the size of your charter yacht. A 56’ catamaran will have a captain and gourmet chef, one of whom also serves as a watersports instructor. An 80’ motor yacht crew might consist of captain, chef, stewardess and mate/engineer, and a 200’ superyacht could have a crew of 15 to 20 members.

What Type of Crew is Best for You?

At Ocean Getaways, we consider your crew preferences when helping you select your supercharter. Do you want a crew that fills the yacht with high energy, laughter, and hands-on engagement or a crew that is more in the background offering discreet service? Elegantly casual or formal? These choices are all yours.

One of the current trends at luxe hotels is “personal butler service,” on hand for unpacking, reservations, shoe shines and the like. On our superyachts, we go beyond that level of service, turning whims into reality, although we do not necessarily use the butler terminology and your shoes may be flip flops. A crew member is always on standby...after all, it's your yacht.