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Yacht Charters for Family Group Travel Incentives

The internet is littered with white papers confirming what we at Ocean Getaways already know to be true. That is - a strong desire for quality family time means that the face of incentive travel is changing to include time with the faces you love the most.

The Case for Extended Family Group Travel Incentives

While spouse programs have long been a popular incentive option, they're being reshaped and redefined to include corporate-sponsored family group travel incentive programs. Key to the concept is the realization that for most employees, winning time away from the family and having organize child care can be counter-productive to incentivizing performance.

Results of opinion surveys undertaken by leading firms indicate that even those without children overwhelmingly say that family members, including kids, should be allowed to participate in recognition programs. That leaves room for companies to consider including parents, grandparents, children, and siblings. Naturally, we'll customize an itinerary to appeal to all age ranges coming aboard for the best family all-inclusive vacations.

Family Yacht Charter Incentives

Ocean Getaways offers a family experience more authentic and magical than the Magic Kingdom itself. Each incentive winner and family members casts off on its own private sailing or motor yacht with a professional captain and gourmet chef for the best family all-inclusive vacations. This group of similar yachts sails together “flotilla” style following a customized itinerary designed with your company’s objectives in mind.

The family group travel itinerary is splashed with one-of-a-kind creative group activities for kids and teens so that families spend time together as a group. Fun-filled choices include "Pirates of the Caribbean" Day, treasure hunts, fishing derbys, follow the leader sunrise adventures, beach barbecues, guided hikes, conch blowing contests, mocko jumbies and hermit crab races…to name a few! After sunset, we can transform salons into mini-cinemas or conduct a stargazing session.

Water toys galore ensure there's never a ho-hum day on our yachts. Watersports clinics, kayak regattas, volleyball sunsets, reggae madness and iTune Blast keep teens tuned in. On our sailing holidays for families, every family has their own dedicated watersports instructor and guide to introduce them to the underwater world as well as a bevy of on-the-water adventures – wakeboarding, tubing, paddle boarding, and fishing.

Nary a thought about what to do next will cross your winners’ minds. As another perfect day of the best family all-inclusive vacation unfolds, both our guests and organizers appreciate that all activities, shore excursions, meals and a professional crew to fully cater to the wishes of each and every guest is very much integral to the yacht charter experience.

Do you expect gourmet cuisine on sailing holidays for families? Of course. But if a family leans toward simpler fare, our chefs have mastered kids menus, too. Every meal on every yacht is totally customized to each family's preferences.

 kids on a catamaran yacht charter
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Why Yacht Charters Make Ideal Family Group Travel Incentives

Yacht charter bliss takes on many incarnations. For the kids, that could mean jet-skiing or jumping into crystal blue water for a snorkeling spree. Or, it could mean a deep sea fishing day to hook a prize catch for the chef's dinner menu. For the parents, it could mean jumping in to join the fun or just lazing on deck, enjoying the glee on their children’s faces. Certainly, it means long, lazy days on a gleaming yacht where mere words strive to do justice to the 'wow' factor.

The bottom line is that families reconnect with each other, and this bonding translates into your winners feeling rejuvenated and duly rewarded for their workplace efforts.

As a bonus, group travel programs enhance personal connections for the host business, the hard-working employee and their supportive family members. It's an indisputable win-win for everybody.

As ever, 'unique' is the buzzword in incentive family group travel, 'outstanding service' is absolutely essential, and 'unforgettable memories' is a pre-requisite. It's hard (impossible, really!) to beat a luxury yacht charter experience, because 'freedom' is the priceless secret sauce in the delightful equation that adds up to a stellar success.

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