2018 MIPIM Yacht Charters - Cannes France - Yacht in Style & Luxury


Dazzle Your Clients with 2018 MIPIM Yacht ChartersDazzle Your Clients with 2019 MIPIM Yacht Charters

A 2018 MIPIM yacht charter is the most multi-dimensional tool to showcase your brand, attract and explore new property ventures and network in style, luxury, and utmost comfort. Exposure. Exposure. Exposure. The mantra of all brilliant marketing strategists. And what better exposure could you secure for the 2018 MIPIM in Cannes…than a head-turning luxury superyacht charter?

Over the last few years, luxury superyacht charters have become one of the most sought-after marketing and networking platforms at the annual MIPIM. For the world’s premier real estate professionals’ gathering, a luxury yacht charter is indeed the absolute ‘prime real estate’ choice. If you agree that there is no grander property market platform in the world than the MIPIM in Cannes, then you’ll recognize the genius value of a luxury yacht charter, for the unrivaled prime location, exceptional convenience, and unsurpassed spotlight.

4 Reasons to Book 2018 MIPIM Yacht Charters for Cannes4 Reasons to Book 2019 MIPIM Yacht Charters

  1. Ultimate Convenience A 2019 MIPIM yacht charter isn’t just a glamorous gimmick but is, inarguably, the most convenient way to showcase your business, host your team and network in a private and luxurious setting. You’ll enjoy the prime location just steps from the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and never need worry about the logistical hurdles that arise from a hotel, conference room, and restaurant bookings, in what is one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year in Cannes.
  2. An All-in-one Solution Imagine having a luxury Cannes hotel at your personal disposal, complete with sumptuous accommodation, private gourmet catering and attentive service? That’s 2019 MIPIM yacht charters, in a nutshell. Aboard your own private yacht charter, you won’t need to share space, service or the limelight with any other competing company. You will have your three most important needs – accommodation, dining and networking space – at your beck and call.
  3. Flexibility and World-Class Service Whether it’s a networking cocktail party for 200 or an intimate black-tie dinner for 50, our best superyacht charters offer flexibility as well as impeccable service and gastronomy. Your personal chef and crew can cater to your every need, be it a buffet lunch for those busy days when you’re on the go, a delectable snack for those late-night pow-wow sessions or a long and leisurely gourmet lunch to celebrate another lucrative business deal. Every one of our luxury yacht charters offers personalized menus, tailor-designed to your most fervent wishes and needs.
  4.  An Ideal Entertainment, Meetings and Branding Venue For all events, great and small, 2019 MIPIM yacht charters offer the ultimate in venue selection. Impress your clients, reward your executives and enjoy the expediency of having THE best venue, in Cannes, during this milestone event. Think outside the box and beyond the “hum ho – another boring cocktail party”. Harness the WOW factor of superyachts to dazzle your invitees.Ocean Getaways is proud to represent only the best 2019 MIPIM yacht charters, offering a comprehensive array of vessels to suit diverse needs and budgets. We strongly recommend you book your charter as soon as possible: this is a very popular event in the yacht charter world and our most impressive yachts are booking fast.

Your real estate brand, a luxury yacht charter and the Port of Cannes during the 2019 MIPIM? Simply the smartest business move you’ll make all year. Contact us for more info.