South Pacific Yacht Charter Guide

 The tantalizing archipelagos of the South Pacific Ocean, including exotic Fiji, French Polynesia, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, are gaining immense popularity among yacht charter guests. Lying relatively undiscovered by mass tourism, the islands and incredible natural beauty of the South Pacific has been enigmatic and legendary for centuries. Nowadays, and despite the remoteness, adventurous sailors are finally realizing that the rewards of exploring this new corner of the globe are simply priceless.

A haven for divers, snorkelers, and lovers of the tropics, the South Pacific islands and their wonderful people will embrace you and bewitch you at first glance. Sail along pristine waters with whales in your wake, dive with manta rays and reef sharks, and snorkel among awe-inspiring schools of colorful tropical fish. Explore pristine reefs and historic shipwrecks, hike through rainforests, climb volcanoes, swim in refreshing waterfalls and, among it all, discover one of the most laid-back and welcoming cultures you’ll ever encounter. At the end of every day, indulge in the privacy and comfort of your private yacht, as your personal chef delights you with local delicacies, and your dedicated crew ensures your time onboard is simply perfect.

On a South Pacific yacht charter…this is just the beginning.

 Fiji Yacht Charters

With more than 300 volcanic islands bursting with coral reefs and underwater life, Fiji is one of the world’s best SCUBA diving and yacht charting destinations. It may not be the closest to home, yet the distance and relative isolation of this archipelago are the reason why it is so pristine, unspoiled and lesser-visited. For discerning South Pacific yacht charter guests, the appeal is immense.

Renowned for its incredibly welcoming people, relaxed culture, and delectable cuisine, Fiji is an interesting and enticing destination, where you can dive a nearly endless array of multi-colored reefs, atolls, and wrecks, all teeming with endemic sea life; from dolphins to manta rays, reef sharks and more. For fun in the sea, few places are more ideal: idyllic year-round climate, crystalline waters and glorious secluded coves, Fiji is simply tailor-made for private yacht charter vacations.

French Polynesia Yacht Charters

Strategically placed half way between the west coast of the USA, and east coast of Australia, French Polynesia offers not only secluded wilderness and natural beauty but also a touch of glamour. If you could infuse the glitz of the French Riviera to the blissful solitude of Indonesia’s Komodo Islands, then French Polynesia is what you’ll get. Famous for its main island, Tahiti, and the incredibly luxurious resorts of dreamy Bora Bora, this idyllic archipelago consists of just over 100 coral reef framed islands, dispersed over an astonishing 1200 square miles of superbly crystalline sea. In French Polynesia, you can play castaway for days among countless uninhabited islands, fishing for your dinner, diving for pleasure and sailing for days on end without seeing into another yacht. When you’re ready to join the world again, simply head to one of the populated islands for outstanding dining, and souvenir shopping, or to indulge in one of the many opulent resort spas. Hike to resplendent waterfalls, snorkel over unblemished reefs and dive with colossal pods of manta rays.

Tahiti is the perfect base from where to start your South Pacific yacht charter and offers a great introduction to the alluring and peaceful culture of the beautiful Polynesian people. Just a short sail away are the stunning Society Islands, home to Bora Bora and Moorea along with many other distinctive isles. Among breathtaking scenery of turquoise waters, verdant tropical forests, blinding-white sandy beaches and an underwater world of incredibly life and color, you’ll certainly be left wondering what on earth took you so long to discover this terrestrial paradise!

Vanuatu Yacht Charters

Vanuatu may be a small archipelago of some 80-odd islands yet boasts an eclectic mix of indigenous cultures. Popular with Australian yacht charterers, this stupendous cluster of gorgeous islands is still somewhat unknown to the rest of the world and remains a blissfully uncrowded corner of tropical perfection. Renowned as a diving and snorkeling mecca, with a wide variety of sites suitable for both beginners and masters, the islands of Vanuatu offer wreck dives, underwater caverns and tunnels, numerous pristine coral reefs and an abundance of tropical sea life. Some of the world’s deepest offshore canyons are found here.

For divers, novices and even those who prefer to enjoy activities on shore; Vanuatu boasts an array or attractions, including excellent golfing options, gourmet dining, and fabulous shopping. This destination is ideal for larger South Pacific yacht charter groups with differing interests. If you love tropical wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, warm waters, friendly people, and crystal clear skies and seas, then you’re bound to fall in love with Vanuatu.

Papua New Guinea Yacht Charters

Arguably the most remote of all our South Pacific yacht charter destinations, Papua New Guinea is known as a mysterious land where exotic adventures are found at every turn. Immaculate coral reefs teeming with sea life attract discerning divers from every corner of the globe, whilst volcanic islands bursting with tropical forests, waterfalls, lakes, and rivers provide alternatives on those onshore days. Come face to face with endemic wildlife, including gorgeous tree kangaroos and possums, as you hike the interior, right through the heart of luscious rainforest and verdant wetlands and along the base of still-active volcanoes. For maximum variety and optimal remoteness, Papua New Guinea is the South Pacific yacht charter destination of choice.