Yacht Charters in the United States

From Alaska to Florida, New England to Chesapeake Bay, our American yacht charter destinations arguably offer the most diverse array of attractions and sailing experiences, anywhere on earth. An ever-changing kaleidoscope of natural wonders, the U.S. most revered coastlines makes for a unique yacht charter vacation, where you can choose between stunning stretches of pristine beaches, imposing glaciers, historic hubs and a nearly endless array of spectacular wilderness.

Alaska Yacht Charters

When it comes to spellbinding beauty, Alaska has very few rivals. With its elusive wildlife, towering snowy peaks, pristine wilderness and captivating culture, it is one of the world’s most alluring yacht charter destinations, particularly as so much of it is simply inaccessible by road. Nature lovers and discerning adventurers, looking for more than just an ‘idyllic beach or two’ in their American yacht charters vacation, find Alaska to ticking all the right boxes. Explore secluded charming towns like Juneau and Ketchikan, where enigmatic totem poles, outstanding mountain hikes and picturesque town centres are framed by vertiginous forested hills and deep blue seas. Meander your way on American yacht charters through glistening glaciers as pods of humpback and killer whales race you to the finish line, and head off on an onshore exploration in search of wolves, bears and salmon-brimming rivers. This is America’s wildest backcountry, one of the world’s premier nature destinations and a superb American yacht charters hub that’s swiftly becoming the most coveted of all.

New England Yacht Charters from Connecticut to Maine

Lighthouses perched high on rocky peninsulas, vibrant seaside cities and a rainbow of colours compliments of Mother Nature: New England is an unrivalled visual feast. Spectacular stretches of dramatic coastline, historic towns and a bevy of stunning beaches will be your constant companions on American yacht charters, where you can explore the deepest reaches of the northeastern most corners of the US. With big name destinations like Rhode Island, Newport, Nantucket, Maine and Martha’s Vineyard, New England caters to luxury American yacht charters and intrepid explorers, each finding their little corner of paradise, be it designer shopping, fine dining and nightclubbing, or skiing, hiking and rock-climbing. Visit 19th-century castles and opulent historic mansions, drop by a wildlife sanctuary or take an architectural tour with a local guide on your American yacht charters vacation.

Florida Yacht Charters

From the northernmost to the southernmost tip, North American yacht charters serve you up variety on a silver platter. In Florida, you’ll discover a little of everything that makes this continent so special: phenomenal sun-drenched beaches, exhilarating cities, endless shopping, dining and clubbing and more nature than you could hike through in a lifetime. With beautiful barrier islands at your fingertips, and an intoxicating mix of north and Caribbean landscapes, seas and cultures, a Florida yacht charter is just busting to be right at the top of your must-sail list. Head off into the craziness that is Miami, get lost in the untamed Everglades as you meander your way through the protected waterways of the Gulf Coast and fight the urge to extend to your American yacht charters vacation just a little longer. Because one Florida yacht charter vacation is never enough!

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Yacht Charters

With over 11,000 miles of striking coastline, Chesapeake Bay is the country’s longest estuary. It is a treasure trove of excellent gems, offering a wealth of attractions, both natural and man-made. Historic towns dot the coastline; towns like St Michaels and Oxford, which hide a collection of beautiful colonial and federation-style homesteads and charm-filled pubs and bistros. Along the way, sail past wetlands and salt marshes, keeping an eye out for the amazing constellation of bird life which calls this place home and delighting in the abundance of crabs for which this place is so renowned.

And of course, we can also offer yacht charters in the San Juan Islands off of the state of Washington - all 239-896-7278 for availability.