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Best Scuba Diving Vacations on Yacht Charters

There’s nothing quite like scuba diving from the deck of your own luxury yacht charter with your personal guide to show you the way. Along with superb privacy and personal service, you’ll cherish having no predetermined schedule, and the freedom to explore more remote diving sites, way off the usual diving trail.

This is also a particularly excellent choice if you wish to travel with companions who don’t dive, as all of our best scuba diving locations offer an array of fun, exciting and relaxing activities in which they can indulge while you’re down there following the fin-swirls of Jacques Cousteau. Who knows? You may just convince them to try out scuba diving for the first time!

Choose a private luxury diving yacht charter and you’ll have the world’s best scuba diving locations right at the tip of your bow. On your best scuba diving vacations, dive with barracudas, moray eels, turtles and dolphins in the heart of Fiji’s archipelago, brimming with caves and a plethora of unspoilt coral reefs, among the waters of its 300 tropical islands. Or maybe you prefer to cast off for the Caribbean, where wide angle reefs, pinnacles and underwater canyons comprise one of the most spectacular Marine Reserves in the world. In Indonesia, you can cast away amidst the mystical Komodo Islands for the best scuba diving vacations, where all creatures great and small inhabit the lands both on and under the turquoise water.

Or maybe you prefer to sail close to home. The Bahamas, but a mere hop, skip and jump away from the US, offer one of the greatest variety of luxury scuba diving yacht charter itineraries, thanks to the near-infinite number of islands, outstanding crystalline waters and richness of marine wildlife. There’s nowhere else on earth where you can dive with nurse sharks while your companions swim with pigs!

On our best scuba diving vacations, inclusions and equipment vary from yacht to yacht so be sure to ask us for details. Some yachts have a compressor and full dive gear aboard while others will rent them out at an extra fee.

Here are the best scuba diving vacations options we offer:

Dive Yachts for Certified Divers

Our best scuba diving vacations will have at least one dive master or dive instructor onboard, who will lead you on all of your dives. They will arrange dives according to your level of expertise. Normally, we include one dive per day, as there are usually so many other activities for you to do. If you are a gung ho diver that likes to pack in as many dives as possible, we certainly have yachts that can cater to your passion.

Resort Courses For Non-Certified Divers

A select number of our best scuba diving vacations’ yachts have dive instructors aboard who can offer an introductory resort course to non-certified divers. This is the easiest and fastest way to get in the water and try out scuba diving for the first time! You'll learn the basics of scuba diving including some fundamental underwater skills. You'll end up diving in shallow water with your instructor and will be able to continue diving with him/her at the best scuba diving locations for the rest of your vacation. The cost of a resort course varies from yacht to yacht. If your yacht does not have a dive instructor, we can arrange for a rendezvous dive boat to come in and do the course with you.

Rendezvous Scuba Diving Vacations

This is a great choice if you only want to scuba dive once or twice during your trip or for a group where only one or two people are divers. A fully equipped dive boat comes right to your charter yacht to pick you up; your yacht can stay anchored or sail to a different port, and the dive boat will return you there after the dive. We can organize this on all our luxury yacht charters to offer you the best scuba diving vacations.

Gaining Certification Aboard Our Yachts

A select number of our yachts have dive instructors aboard who can offer full scuba certification. We strongly recommend that you complete the classroom part of your certification at home prior to your vacation (otherwise, you’re wasting valuable vacation time on bookwork!); our dive instructor can then do the on-the-water portion of the certification with you. The fees for this vary with each yacht…so feel free to ask us for further details.