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Common Misconceptions about Group Yacht Charters

A yacht charter is a unique experience, even more so as a group program. One of a yacht charter's built-in advantages is that most people have never done it before. On the other hand, that naturally raises a number of good questions around operations and logistics, including questions from experienced meeting and incentive planners.

Our clients tell us that their yacht charter programs produced extremely valuable relationship-building and networking opportunities. They also provided relaxed camaraderie and a balance of personal and group time for the guests.

Here are the most common questions or concerns we hear from group incentive organizers and the responses we'd like to share with you.

Concern #1: The Group Might Feel Separated When They're on More Than One Yacht.

  • Not at all. Although this is the concern we hear most, it's easily alleviated with a better understanding of how our programs operate. In fact, the group is together more on a yachting program than they would be in a resort. Because the yacht is an exclusive, intimate environment, the bonding is tremendous.
  • The only time group members are on separate yachts is when we are sailing, usually two to three hours a day. The yachts often sail close together, providing great photos like the ones here.
  • The remainder of the time, the yachts are anchored adjacent to one another in a harbor. People swim, kayak and dinghy back and forth. They mingle at the beach, meet at the local pub, and join together for snorkeling or shopping ventures. All the tenders are on call to take everyone wherever they want, whenever they wish to go.
  • We typically stage at least one, sometimes two, group activities each day, like you would find on a cruise ship or at a resort. Many programs include a host ship for group activities and drop-in hospitality.
  • We frequently raft-up, which means tying up all of the yachts together to create a giant floating party platform.

Concern #2: Some People Might Get Seasick.

  • Actually, seasickness is rarely a problem. It's important to understand the type of waters and yachts we will be sailing.
  • We sail on large, stable yachts in calm, protected waters for only an hour or two at a time and never out of sight of land.
  • We anchor in sheltered bays where the yachts are virtually motionless. Many people say they never slept better.
  • If a remedy is required, we've got the newest and best at hand.

Concern #3: Some People are Just Not Water People.

  • In truth, there's no one incentive program that appeals to all of the people all of the time. Yacht charters are really no different from a cruise or any other "sun and fun" destination.
  • We've have guests aboard who never got wet! What they told us was how much they appreciated the total freedom and sense of escape. The opportunity to relax on a luxurious floating hideaway and see islands that can only be accessed by yachts of this size is without compare. They enjoyed the camaraderie of other guests and crew, divine meals and ultimate pampering.
  • Substituting island exploration, golfing and shopping for in-water activities spells fulfillment for many people. Others found this to be the ideal opportunity to test the waters and try something new, like snorkeling, due to the supportive nature of their own private crew, and the gentle, clear waters.Concern

#4: Someone May Not Wish to Share a Yacht With Someone Else in Their Group.

  • Easily resolved. Because of careful pre-program planning, this has never been an operational issue for us on an Ocean Getaways’ group yacht charter.
  • In fact, our clients find the "togetherness" of yachts to be a very positive team-building experience. Additionally, our crews are highly experienced, excellent hosts, who generate a wonderful onboard camaraderie.
  • Typically, the client will decide how to do yacht assignments. Usually, it's a combination of a) what relationships they want to foster and b) responses to our pre-program questionnaire gathering activity interests.

Concern #5:

We haven't heard another question yet, but we're happy to hear from you with anything that may cross your mind. Please get in touch at 239-896-7278

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