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Introducing Luxury Group Travel on Superyachts Worldwide

Incentive luxury group travel programs, corporate events and luxury group travel are meant to deliver a wow! To dazzle guests beyond their wildest expectations! To offer them something so special that they would not have thought of doing on their own. A Luxury Group Travel Corporate Yacht Charter does all of that and more. Ocean Getaways lets you "step outside the box" and offer something unique that is also luxurious, proven, and reliable. We've been delivering luxury group travel and corporate yacht charter programs for?30 years, have won industry awards, and always surpass clients' expectations. We help you, the corporate planner, look like a hero.

We Are More Than a Yacht Charter Company

We are not just a yacht charter company – we are corporate incentive and luxury group travel specialists. We know what it takes to deliver a seamless corporate yacht charter program.

Top Five Ways to Create the Wow Factor with Corporate Yacht Charters

Corporate Yacht Charter Flotillas: Our most popular concept means that your company casts off aboard its own multi-million dollar fleet of similar luxury sailing or motor charter yachts... each with its own captain and crew including a gourmet chef. This is your floating villa as you cruise in calm waters, leisurely island hopping from one exotic port to the next, visiting quaint harbors that the big ships cannot get to. Ideal for corporate incentive groups from 10 to 300.

Corporate VIP Superyacht Charters: Perfect for executive retreats, small corporate meetings and high-end luxury group travel incentives, superyachts are the crème de la crème of the yachting world. These ultra-luxe sailing and motor yachts are over 100 feet in length. Each is an original work of art; a real showpiece when it cruises into a harbor. Many executives choose a superyacht to recognize a valued client, conduct private negotiations or create a captive and impressive setting for meetings.

Land and Sea Corporate Yacht Charters: Some companies prefer to get their feet wet by combining a few days at a luxury shoreside resort with a few days on a fleet of private yachts. It’s also a brilliant idea for a tiered incentive program, whereby the top achievers receive an additional extraordinary experience by casting off on a fleet of private luxury group travel charter yachts.

Family Yachting Incentives: Here’s a family experience to replace the Magic Kingdom. Each incentive winner and family members cast off on a private yacht a captain and a gourmet chef. We create a luxury group travel itinerary that is splashed with activities for kids and teens as well some days when each family can chart their own course and rediscover the meaning of family.

Large Capacity Superyachts: We have a select number of luxury group travel superyachts up to 200-feet-long that accommodate from 20 to 100 guests in unparalleled extravagance. These beauties are as large as a cruise ship, yet the ambiance is refined and the experience is personalized...and it’s all yours.

And that’s not the end of it. A corporate yacht charter with Ocean Getaways can also include individual incentives, teambuilding, executive meetings, adding yachts to a luxury resort program, and dockside yachting events.

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The Ultra-Luxe Super Yacht Corporate Flotilla

Our Most Popular Luxury Group Travel Venue

Your company will cast off on a show stopping fleet of similar luxury travel incentives sailing or motor yachts that sail together as a group - all professionally staffed including a licensed captain and five-star chef. The corporate and incentive travel yachts are your floating resorts and have all of the ingredients of a fun-packed vacation already onboard. You will cruise in calm waters, leisurely island hopping from one exotic port to the next, visiting the quaint harbors that the big ships cannot get to.

Top Ten Advantages of Using Ocean Getaways' Ultra Luxe
Super Yachts For Your Event
  • Exclusivity:

    No matter what your group size is, we offer exclusive use just for your luxury charter group. No need to share deck space or a hotel property with others.

  • Flexible Scheduling:

    Our luxury charter group yachts can depart and return on any day of the week for as few as 3 nights. We fit your yacht event's schedule! And we design a personalized yacht event's itinerary just for you.
  • Uniqueness and Wow Factor:

    Not just another hotel room! Casting off on a multi-million dollar fleet of luxury charter group yachts.... visiting the places the big ships cannot get to is definitely unique... truly something that people have not done on their own.
  • Proven:

    Unique has been the buzzword in incentive travel for a long time, but it doesn't stand alone. We're unique, and we're also luxurious, reliable, and a proven yacht events planner. Check out the list of clients that we helped organize successful corporate events on yachts.
  • Personalized Service:

    Your incentive award winners are pampered! Each 6-10 guests has their own gourmet chef, their own captain, their own individual watersports instructor, and their own shoreside tour guide. Menus, activities, and excursions are tailored to their preferences.
  • Lots To Do!

    Swim, snorkel, golf, shop, waterski, learn to sail, beachcomb, hike, stargaze, windsurf, bask in the sun, dance 'til dawn, tour the islands, catch a snooze, read a trashy novel, fish, plus all the customized luxury charter group activities we create.
  • High Perceived Value:

    Because private luxury charter group yachts have the connotation of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, guests always estimate that the company is paying far more for the program than it actually costs. The guests feel very well‑rewarded and recognized.
  • Client Satisfaction:

     Our luxury charter group incentive programs always surpass clients' expectations. Your biggest challenge will be how to top it the next year!

  • FUN!

    Laughter resonates, spirits soar, and the mind and soul are invigorated.

  • Rejuvenation:

    The stress of the "real" world evaporates into the tranquil sea.

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Why Use Ocean Getaways as Your Yacht Charter Specialist?

We are Not Just Yacht Charter Agents – We are Incentive Planning Experts – and That’s What Makes Us Distinct.


Corporate Super Yacht Charters

An incomparable ultra-luxe venue for corporate events, dealer and staff incentives, executive meetings, employee recognition, client entertainment, and product launches. Our worldwide fleet of superyachts impress, motivate, and exceed expectations – again and again.

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