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Picture of the Indonesia Yacht Charters - Silolona is the Best

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the waters and culture of off-the-beaten-track Indonesia yacht charters - Silolona is the queen of the fleet.  Built by hand in Sulawesi in 2004, the magnificent 165’ Silolona is modeled on the traditional wooden sailing boats called Phinisis which are typically used for fishing and carrying cargo throughout Indonesia. She is the dream child of her American owner, Patti Seery, who envisaged building a world-class luxury charter yacht which pays homage to local tradition and culture.

Indonesia Yacht Charters - Silolona is the Best

From the moment you step on board, you know you’re in for the sailing experience of a lifetime. Each of the five staterooms reflects the local culture and is decorated with textiles, art, and artifacts from different islands. The Bali suite, for example, boasts dark hand-hewn beams, cream bed coverings, and soft accent lighting. The rustic elegance, combined with modern amenities, luxury, and comfort, is simply breathtaking.

Crews on Indonesia Yacht Charters - Silalona's Crew Rivals Any Superyacht Crew

The crew comprises sixteen men hailing from many different Indonesian islands… a few of whom even helped to build Silolona. They are among the happiest and most welcoming crew you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. They laugh, they’ll sing you songs, and play music. They love sharing stories and dancing at sunset. They’ll make you special gifts like rings and spoons hand-carved from shells, as well as drawings, and flowers from palm fronds. They are creative, encouraging and sensationally hospitable.

Their generosity of heart and spirit will stay with you for a long time to come. Many of the crew members are fluent in English, and those that are not, have an amazing gift for communicating their warmth, enthusiasm, and charm, in any which way they can. Goros, the dive instructor, is a great guide and does many onboard PADI certifications. The onboard gear is state of the art and extensive. Plus there’s an onboard masseur to help soothe your tired muscles.

The Guide

Each charter has a guide onboard, and they’ll surprise you with their extensive knowledge of local history, art, and culture. The respect for local culture is palpable, with guides displaying a fervent desire to be conscious about the footprint that Silolona leaves in her wake. Instead of going ashore and giving candy or money to the local children, you might visit the headman and ask permission to visit the village and leave a donation for the school. You’ll get an inside glimpse of island life in Indonesia, something to which most visitors are never privy.

The Cuisine

Exceptional local food on Indonesia Yacht Charters - Silolona’s kitchen offers feastings of Asian fusion delights – fresh, festively presented, bountiful, and creative. A real treat for the palate. Upon request, the chef can also offer European or American meals. In this neck of the woods, fresh fish is the norm – as in caught or bought from a local that very morning and cooked to perfection just for you. Display but a hint of epicurean curiosity and don’t be surprised if you’re offered a cooking lesson in preparing local sambals and satays. We can highly recommend you jump at this priceless chance!

The captain, chef, and crew can organize private beach barbecues on deserted islands. They work an entire afternoon to create a striking scene – candles placed on rocks up the hillside, torches on the beach, a blazing bonfire and again, performances with local songs and dance. Traditional feasts are also prepared, where you can dress in your Silolona sarongs, crew donning the tribal garb of their island and presenting you with a dish from that island.

The Service

Extraordinary! Silolona offers the kind of silver service that you’d expect on a megayacht, and then some! Service is such a part of the local culture, and local crew offers it with such pleasure and grace. The owner has done a great job training her crew in luxury service. From remembering how you prefer your eggs, to having that perfectly brewed cup of coffee ready at the hand, it’s the attention to detail that’ll strike you most, when you book your Indonesian yacht charter on Silolona.

The boat is meticulously maintained and cabins are serviced daily, not that you’d ever notice anyone meandering about. As if by magic, you’ll return from your daily explorations to a perfectly set up cabin. The crew will wash, fold and press your clothes, and will cater to your every need. Silolona sails the waters of Southeast Asia all year long, but we think she’s best enjoyed when on an Indonesia yacht charter in her home country.

Here, you can discover the elusive Komodo Islands and the spectacular Raja Ampat region comprising the islands of Salawati, Misool, Waigeo, and Batanta. In this area alone, you’ll find seven protected marine reserves. Silolona's weekly rate is USD 119,000 and includes all meals and scuba diving for certified divers. Additional costs are 10% tax, bar, and dive certification if requested. E-mail Us to learn more about Indonesia Yacht Charters - Silolona. Search for other Indonesia Yacht Charters.