What Does a BVI Yacht Charter Cost?

BVI Yacht Charter Cost

First, let's clarify that we are talking about the BVI Yacht Charter Cost on crewed yachts. The majority of BVI crewed charters are all-inclusive which means that the BVI yacht charter cost includes all of the following:

  • hire of the yacht and crew
  • all meals and snacks
  • open bar (excludes excessive consumption and high end requests)
  • the use and instruction of all onboard watersports gear such as snorkel gear, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, light fishing gear, waterskis, etc.
  • Cruising taxes and Customs fees (in most instances)

All-inclusive rates begin at $350 pp/day or $2,450 pp/week. Occasionally, an owner may have a special that makes the price a bit lower, but the $350 is a good guideline. 

Now, we all know that the "begin at" rate is just that. The average pricing is generally higher. Most of our clients at Ocean Getaways Yacht Charters who cast off on an all-inclusive BVI yacht charter spend between $400 and $700 pp/day. Some pay over $1,000 or more pp/day. It all boils down to what you want - the level of luxury, the formality of the service, the required toys, the fanciness of the cuisine, the size and spaciousness of the yacht, and the onboard amenities.

Let's take a look at some real BVI yacht charter cost comparisons so you can see the difference. Let's say you have a yacht charter group of eight, and you want to charter a BVI catamaran. For about $350pp/day, you can charter the 50' Nutmeg which is loaded with toys and offers scuba at small additional cost. For $375 pp/day, you can add 7 feet to the size of the cat and cast off on Soterion. Another $100 or so pp/day ($475 pp) puts you aboard a newer yacht with a second deck and more spacious cabins like Altesse. Ratchet it up again (about $650 pp/day)and you get on one of the finest and newest BVI catamarans, Bagheera which, by the way, has plenty of sister ships. And if you want the creme de la creme and can spend about $1,060 pp/day, then Tellstar has your name on it.

FAQs about All-inclusive BVI Yacht Charter Costs

What BVI yacht charter costs are additional? Airfare, ground transfers, shoreside activities, and crew gratuity (recommended at 15-20%). On some yachts, cruising taxes are additional.

Do BVI  yacht charter costs vary with the time of year? Christmas and New Year's rates are typically 10% higher. The summer season is from May 1 to December 14. A select number of BVI charter yachts offer a 5-10% reduction or yacht charter specials during these months. Many are so busy that they hold the same rate year-round.

How do I know I am getting the best BVI yacht charter cost? Charter yachts have published rates that are the same for all yacht charter brokers. If the yacht owner is offering a deal, then it is available through all brokers. When "shopping" with brokers, the key factor is to shop for service, expertise, compatibility, and most importantly, firsthand knowledge of the yachts and crews they represent.

Can I sail for less than a week? Most yachts have at least a 3-night minimum. Some have 4 and 5 night minimums so you will have to inquire. For six night charters, divide the weekly rate by 7 and multiply by 6. For less than 6 nights, divide the weekly rate by 6, and multiply by the number of nights. A 6-night charter is the best short term charter cost as there is no surcharge.

If you want to charter for 5 nights, you may as well book 6 nights. Why? Because the way that the surcharge works, there is minimal difference in cost between five and six night. Let's look at an example. Tale a BVI yacht charter cost of $21,000/week. That translates to $18,000 for six night and $17,500 for 5 nights. So for only $500 more (or $62 pp, you get another whole day in paradise - it's a no-brainer.

What is half board? A select number of yachts offered a slightly reduced yacht charter cost if you take about half of your meals ashore. Read more about a half board and whether or not it is a good deal.

Are all BVI charter yachts all-inclusive? No, most motor yachts operate on a plus expenses basis as well as some large sailing yachts.

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No matter what your BVI yacht charter cost is, all of our charter yachts offer unending fun, relaxation, spirited adventure and truly getting away from it all.