Cruise Ship VS Luxury Yacht Charter Costs – Which One Offers the Best Value?

Cruise Ship Vs Luxury Yacht Charter Costs – Which One Offers the Best Value?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the advantages of luxury yacht charters into focus, particularly when compared with cruise ships. Yet, many travel agents still believe that the safer and more personalized aspects of chartering private yachts must come at a much higher cost. This is not necessarily true. Not if your clients, like so many cruise ship passengers, normally travel with family and friends in tow.

As countless cruise ship passengers around the world look to make the switch to private yacht charters this year, we thought we’d detail the true costs involved so you as a travel advisor can provide some more informed price comparisons to your clients. We’ll break down the basic costs, highlight the caveats and show you that if add up all of the extras, you’ll find comparable deals between cruise ships and luxury yacht charters

Cruise Ship Vs Luxury Yachts – The Basics

Private yacht charters are the undisputed kings and queens of luxury. When it comes to bespoke itineraries and personalized service, cruise ships simply can’t compete. On a luxury yacht, the vessel and crew are totally dedicated to your clients and his/her traveling party alone – no sharing vacations with strangers, no buffet group meals, no forced layovers and no wasting precious time leaving and re-boarding the vessel every day. We’re talking the ultimate in freedom, privacy and custom-made experiences. People can go where they want, when they want and do whatever pleases them at any given time. The yacht’s toys are at their disposal, the private chef is eager to titillate their taste buds, and the whole crew is just there to please them.

When it comes to costs, however, cruise ships do have the upper hand, some of the time. If someone is a single traveler or perhaps travels only as a couple, normally books the cheapest cabin on a cruise ship, and has no intention of taking family and friends along for the adventure, then it will be difficult to find a comparably priced luxury yacht charter. If, however, your client is one of the many who enjoy high-end cruising, always book one of the better suites and love sharing their journeys with family and friends, that’s definitely something we can work on.

Cruise Ships vs Luxury Yachts – Comparing Costs

Luxury yachts come in all shapes and sizes, Our all-inclusive rates begin at $375 pp/day which includes all meals, an open bar, all of the toys, and taxes. The more they spend, the better everything gets. Think on-deck Jacuzzi, fully-equipped gym, a private yoga instructor or scuba diving guide. We have yachts from $375 pp/day to over $20,000 pp/day. The sky really is the limit here but, for the sake of comparisons, let’s get down to specifics.

 Here are some cruise ships vs. luxury yacht charter comparisons based on current deals at the time of this writing.

Family of 4

  • Instead of:   Concierge Royal Suite on the Disney Cruise Line
  • Rate:            $ 2,840 per night
  • Per Week:   $19,880

  • Charter:       Nauti Cat, 50ft lagoon catamaran built in 2020
  • Rate:             $ 2,714, per night
  • Per Week:    $19,000

The Nauti Cat is a stunning 50ft lagoon catamaran built in 2020, an ideal choice for a family who wants to explore the Caribbean and have tremendous family bonding while doing it. A dedicated crew of to including a gourmet chef, guided watersports, and an exclusive family adventure.

See Nauti cat rates and availability for more details.

Family of 6

  • Instead of:   The Royal Loft Suite on Royal Caribbean
  • Rate:             $ 10,200 per night
  • Per Week:   $ 71,400

  • Charter:       Angeleyes
  • Rate:             $ 8,250, per night
  • Per Week:    $70,000 all inclusive

The Royal Loft is seriously impressive, sprawled across two floors and boasting its own balcony whirlpool. But here’s the thing with luxury suites aboard cruise liners: they are still aboard cruise liners. Outside their (very lovely) suite door, they will still have to contend with SIX THOUSAND fellow passengers.

Now take a look at the breathtaking ANGELEYES, a super-sleek, award-winning 85ft Horizon superyacht. She’s one of our most popular family-charters, and she’s tailor-made for fun and active vacations: snorkeling gear, paddle-boards, waterskis and seabobs are just some of the fun toys to play with, and the expert crew of 4 always ensures sensational experiences.

ANGELEYES can actually sleep 10 guests in excellent comfort so the weekly per-person cost will come down dramatically if just 4 more family members come along for the exquisite ride. See ANGELEYES rates and availability for more details.

Milestone 50th birthday celebrations for a group of 8

  • Instead of:   4 Regular Staterooms on Sea Dream Cruises
  • Rate:             $ 4,570 per night
  • Per Week:   $ 32,000


  • Charter:         Twin Flame OR Jan’s Felion
  • Rate:             $ 4,250 OR $ 5,000 per night
  • Per Week:    $ 34,000 OR $35,000

A cruise is a fabulous and very popular way to celebrate a special milestone – but a private luxury yacht charter can be even more unforgettable. Special group charters are where the cruise ship vs luxury yacht cost comparisons really shine through because yacht charters are tailor-made for precisely these kinds of vacations - catering to a small group of friends or family members seeking quality time together, away from the hectic pace of everyday life. Our top two choices for a milestone birthday, the Twin Flame and Jan’s Felion, are specially-equipped to handle a mixed group of guests – they both carry an impressive arsenal of water toys, a fantastic team of consummate professionals and boast ample outdoor space and luxurious cabins.

The once-in-a-lifetime indulgence for 2

  • Instead of:   The grandest suite on Regent Seven Seas Explorer
  • Rate:             $ 19,000 per night
  • Per Week:   $ 133,000

  • Charter:         Milos at Sea OR Cherish II
  • Rate:             $ 6,850 OR $ 8,500 per night
  • Per Week:    $ 48,000 OR $ 60,000 per week

Sailing the Greek Islands or the idyllic Bahamas aboard a luxury yacht is as indulgent as it gets and if your client is looking for that once-in-a-lifetime splurge, they can stop looking. That’s exactly what they can enjoy when they trade in the grandest cruise ship suite for a whole luxury yacht of their own. And the best part? Given the price difference, they can charter two yachts, in two distinct destinations, and still have funds to spare.

Take a look at the Milos and Cherish and you’ll no-doubt fall in love – not only with the aesthetics of these formidable yachts but with the idea of exploring the best cruising destinations on the planet, aboard a private yacht. Privacy, romance, luxury, indulgence and magnificent experiences, all there for the taking.

Or if they want to throw all of that money on a single yacht, theycan be “all in” on the sleek 116’ Tail Lights in the Caribbean or the nearly new 105’ Salt in the south of France.

 As we look at the tail-end of 2020, we’re seeing a huge rise in demand for luxury yacht charters, given this is the safest way to ensure the social bubble remains mostly intact on vacation. While we understand that the cruise ship vs luxury yacht cost comparison doesn’t always work in the latter’s favor, we know that, when it does, it’s like striking cruising gold.

For more information on luxury yacht charters in safe destinations this year, you can contact us at 239-896-7278 or e-mail us.