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Virgin Islands Motor Yacht Charters - Lady Cope - Ocean Getaways Yacht Charters

December 28th, 2014 | Ocean Getaways

Lady Cope, an 80' Lazarra, is making its Virgin Islands debut this winter at the very special charter rate of $27,000 plus expenses.  The Lady packs a lot of value with a brand new 30' Everglades towed tender fully equipped for sports fishing.  Plus it's a great getaway vehicle for some fast-pace...

Best New BVI Catamaran Charter Yacht Under 50 Feet

November 22nd, 2014 | Ocean Getaways

We welcomed over two two dozen new catamaran charter yachts to our fleet in 2014.  So which was the best new BVI catamaran charter under 50 feet that year?  First, let's clarify the new.  "New" means "new to charter"not new as in "fresh out of the factory".   Typically when we at Ocean Getaways v...

5 Best BVI Catamaran Charters

July 9th, 2014 | Ocean Getaways

So you're willing to spend a decent amount on a BVI Catamaran charter vacation next winter.You're not a spendthrift, you like value for yourdollar and you want to be sure that when you do choose a catamaran to charter you are getting the best in its class The first piece of advice, book early.201...
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