What is a Flybridge Deck on a Catamaran Charter Yacht?

Zingara Catamaran Charters Flybridge Deck
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What is a Flybridge Deck on a Catamaran Charter Yacht

The catamaran charter industry has showcased a bevy of new designs over the past decade. None is more popular with catamaran charter guests than the advent of the flybridge deck. In landlubbers terminology, that's a second deck with the helm (steering station) on it. Here's what our guests love about it:

  • A raised panoramic view of the islands and sea
  • Additional seating and lounging area for people to spread out
  • More space in the cockpit because the helm has moved up to the flybridge
  • Greater visibility for the guests who want to take a turn at the helm
  • Great breezes under sail

Depending upon the size of the catamaran, the flybridge may offer a small cushioned seating area like on Gypsy Princess to a plush sunbathing area with cocktail tables and couch seating with a choice of shade or sun like Bagheera

Heck on Bagheera, one of our clients even hosted a party with musicians on the top deck. When comparing two charter catamarans of the same length, keep in mind that the one with the flybridge deck has more space. If you have not chartered a cat with a flybridge, you won't miss it. But once you do, there is no turning back.

And here's the tricky part, the sleeping cabins are probably larger as well. Why? The newer designs with the flybridge decks also have more interior volume and heads with separate shower stalls.

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