New BVI Dive Sites

Turning Debris into Gems - Explore the BVI’s Newest Dive Sites  

Avid divers are sure to be thrilled at the news that the British Virgin Islands, already among the world’s best SCUBA hot spots, are now home to some exciting new dive sites compliments of Beyond the Reef’s new artificial reefs. If you’re new to this diving gig or have only considered the Virgins a perfect yachting destination, but not necessarily diving one, you’re in for one heaven of a surprise.  

With idyllic year-round temps, a bevy of coral reefs, an abundance of exotic marine life and sensational underwater visibility, the BVIs have always been a dream diving hub. The latest initiative to turn hurricane debris into what can only be described as “underwater art installations” has just intensified the appeal.  

It certainly takes creativity and resilience to even come up with the idea after such a devastating natural disaster. The “think outside the box” team at Beyond the Reef has turned three wrecked aircrafts and a barge into fish fodder, hoping to attract even more marine life and tourism. In 2017, Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on this corner of paradise and, two years later, the not-for-profit Beyond the Reef has found a creative way to give it life. Spending an insane number of hours stripping the wrecks of any hazardous materials, the talented peeps at Beyond the Reef turned what was essentially a bunch of scrap metal into amazing, sea life-themed sculptures – artistic underwater eco-systems. 

One thing is for sure. Jack Sparrow would be immensely proud of the pirate-themed work carried out on our beloved Willy T, Norman Island’s famed floating restaurant ship. See all the cool photos, right here. Thanks to its stellar location, the Willy T can also be explored by snorkelers (the top is at 35 feet) but it is, primarily, intended to be a diver’s ultimate playground. Trust us, you’ll want to be all over this treasure when you see it. By the way, there is a new Willy T floating bar where you can still belly up and down a cold brew. 

 The inspiring work carried out by BTR is indicative of the passion and dedication the group has shown in the Caribbean, consistently finding new ways to not only help preserve the region’s priceless marine ecosystems but also to educate local communities (and turning them into environmental warriors). To this end, yacht charter guests who dive Willy T are asked to donate $5 to Beyond the Reef’s local initiative, aimed at teaching local children how to swim. As of today, only an estimated 10% of BVI’s children are able swimmers, and we sincerely hope you’ll help us all contribute to drastically increase this number. The plan? Make it 100% in just 10 years. 

About the BVI 

The new sunken artworks join the more than 70 superb dive sites in the BVI, arguably among the world’s most rewarding yacht charter destinations. If you have yet to explore this part of the world, we’ll let you in on a little secret.  

Short sailing distances and calm seas make the BVI ideal for yacht charter novices while the turquoise waters and dreamy temps entice watersport lovers galore. If you’re looking for that perfect charter destination that guarantees you can play with kiteboards, kayaks, water skis, and inflatables, along with snorkel, diving and fishing gear, then consider it found. This is an astonishing playground for active adventurers as much as it is relaxing beyond measure. Many remote coves and reefs are also unsuitable for large cruise ships. Heading here on a private yacht charter really is the best way to soak up the delights of the BVI, both in and out of the water. 

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