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PENELOPE Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:6
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:Italian
Languages Spoken: Italian, English, Spanish, French

Captain: Alessandro Abbate, Italian 52 y.o.

Alessandro is a reliable and highly skilled Captain, with many years of experience in the maritime field. His father introduced him to sea life since his young age, bringing him to sea aboard his boat.
Alessandro also has great technical expertise: he oversaw the maintenance and refit of private sailing and motor yachts on different occasions.
His passion for the sea is not limited to the career: in his spare time Alessandro participates in important international regattas, achieving exemplary results and gaining the podium on several occasions.
Italian native speaker, speaks good English.

Chef: Giovanni Rocca, Italian, 46 y.o.

Giovanni is a talented, well trained Chef graduated from the Culinary art and professional cookery school in Rome.
He boasts a wide professional experience of over 30 years as Head Chef in the main Rome's restaurants and aboard Navy ships in Italy and abroad.
Experienced with bakery and fish Mediterranean cuisine, Giovanni has worked for 8 years as Head Chef at La Rotonda Shilling Restaurant in Rome where he attempted with new recipes, and artistic menus and at the same time he trained and grow new staff members.
Giovanni cooks in a wide range of styles, including Asian, Arabic, Vegan and Gluten free cuisine to deliver every guest the culinary experience they desire. Giovanni pays special attention in sourcing the freshest ingredients through his considerable experience and offers the highest possible standards of cuisine for his guests. Italian mothertongue, he has an advanced knowledge of English.

First Mate: Antonio Bleve, Italian, 25 y.o.

Antonio is a young, friendly and efficient crew member. Fond of sea life since ever, in 2016 he achieves the Technical Diploma in Transports and Logistics "Conduction of the naval means", gaining a solid knowledge in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Machinery, Law of navigation, Logistics of flows and Cargo handling. In 2018 he has the chance to implement his skills, working as sailorman during the summer season in Puglia at the guidance of a boat- powered by 9mt., training to perform approaches and berths at the docks. Later he has the opportunity to improve his English knowledge, during a 5 month stay in the United Kingdom. Once back in Italy, Antonio gives up again to the call of sea and embarks as Official Blanket Cadet on a 24mt yacht pleasure vessel used for charter where he carries out the duties related to all phases of navigation (support to the commander in mooring operations and assistance to navigation) and extraordinary activities like support to the staff of yard in the operations of cleaning of hull and flap and launch of the ship. Used to work in team, he holds also the knowledge of the main on-board software.
Italian mothertongue, Antonio speaks a good level of English.

Chief Stewardess: Daniela Liperini Figueroa, Italian-Spanish, 41 y.o.

Daniela is an experienced an professional crew member.
With a a good eye for details, Daniela is used to work in team and under pressure, she always execute tasks in a prompt and professional way.
Danielas background in hospitality allowed a smooth transition to life at sea where she has gained a remarkable experience as stewardess working aboard charter yachts for over 5 years. Fond of music and photography shell enjoy capturing the most beautiful moments of guests aboard!
Italian- Spanish mother tongue, she speaks English and a basic level of French.

Stewardess: Valentina Costigliola, Italian, 50 y.o.

Valentina is an hardworking and energetic crew member , true lover of sea life.
Very organized, meticulous, attentive to detail and used to work in team, after obtaining the Tour Operator High School Degree, she soon started working in the hospitality field.
Working in several restaurants in London, Valentina has developed a strong sense of duty and attention to customers service.
In 2013 she joined the yachting industry with the desire to travel and meet new people.
Her positive attitude brings a good mood to the crew and guests.
She has all required certificates and strong hospitality background, to best suit her daily charter duties.
Italian mother tongue, she speaks an intermediate level of English and French.

Deckhand: Riccardo Silveri, Italian, 20 y.o.

Riccardo is a young enthusiastic and valuable crew member.
Strongly centered around sea life, he attended the Nautical Institute and later soon he obtained the maritime competence and qualifications to employee in the Maritime field.
His approachable nature, reliability, and hardworking attitude are just a few of many Riccardos strong suit.
Italian mothertongue, he speaks a good level of English and Spanish.