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ANTARES Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:7
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:South African
Languages Spoken: English / Spanish / French

CAPTAIN Chase Cunningham
Captain Chase Cunningham has been in yachting since leaving High School in Durban, South Africa. Chase was sitting at a University about to put pen to paper to sign-up to study Architecture, when he put the pen down and decided to follow is passion for boating and the ocean. This love for adventure has led him to do yachting for the last 11 years, obtaining his Master 3000 license by the age of 28. Within that time, he has crewed on numerous yachts, running those vessels to some of the highest safety standards in the industry, as you will experience from his well trained and well drilled crew. His experience from those diverse yachts has allowed him to create a program that gives guests the best possible experience onboard, whilst also being one of the safest and well-maintained vessels. His meticulous planning and excellent communication skills (and obsession for French Bulldogs) make him a great leader as well as an approachable person for guests to enhance their time onboard. He is hands on, knowledgeable, encouraging and always upbeat. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the Bahamas, Caribbean, US East and West Coast, Central America and South East Asia.

FIRST MATE Stuart van Kuijeren
Stuart decided to pursue a career at sea whilst completing an honors degree in marketing management, making the logical step from business school to yachting in order to travel the world, having never left South Africa, where he is born and raised. He considers himself a semi-professional eater, having eaten a 40oz burger, after mistakenly ordering it and not knowing how the imperial measuring system works. He has 4 years of yachting experience working on busy charter vessels and privately owned yachts. Stu enjoys anything outdoors and always loves to workout. He loves spearfishing and considers himself a master at hunting starfish. He plans to continue his studies and work towards captaining a vessel.

ENGINEER -Raiarii (Rai) Chin Ah You
Raiarii Chin Ah You, AKA Ray, AKA Tahitian Fury, AKA the one and only… Elvis, is our man of many talents. His language range spans from English, French and Spanish, and proudly boasts degrees in Mathematics and Informatics from the University of French Polynesia. The Frenchman has over 8 years of yachting experience, and his love of engineering is second to his love of food. If you dont find Ray in the engine room, you will have to search the galley where he may be inventing a new dish, spearfishing in the ocean (to supplement his high calorie intake) or diving the depths, where he is a certified rescue diver. Test this gifted engineer with any question about the boat you can think of and youll also find out about his incredible sense of humor, considered to be a very rare trait in the engineering world. His experiences have taken him through the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific as well as the United States, leaving behind a trail of smiles, friends and empty plates. Ray is also a talented photographer and videographer, so dont be shy if you see him pointing the camera, he knows how to get your best side! Also feel free to enter into a breath hold competition with him at any point.

Chief Stewardess Tarryn White, from Cape Town, South Africa, holds the record for being the worlds tallest midget. Oozing energy and cheerfulness, she loves providing guests an unforgettable experience onboard which includes very high standard silver service, unique themed nights, exceptional parties that will be remembered for a lifetime, and everything in between. She prides herself on creating a fun filled environment in any setting, being formal or family orientated. Her signature drink is known on the streets as the “Bear Tranquilizer”, not for the faint hearted. With 8 years of yachting experience, she can cater to any occasion, always exceeding expectations. Her talent of making anyone laugh (not always with her witty jokes, sometimes with her infectious, uncaged laugh/cackle) makes her our secret weapon for creating an amazing bond with guests and crew that will guarantee guests never want to leave.

Second Stewardess Brianna Eckel is an American born and raised in Lake Michigan. She started ballet at the age of 2 and completed 15 years of it until she had to end her dance career due to her highly competitive nature, as her fellow competitors would wake up on the morning of a show with their laces tied together with a knot so well done she was earmarked for a career in yachting. Brianna says her favorite food is salad, although her history with ice cream and Taco Bell say otherwise. Within her 3 years of yachting she worked on various vessels, ranging from private to busy charter, gaining experience and knowledge from each, making her a vital player on the Antares team.

DECKHAND - Henro De Vos
Deckhand Henro De Vos, also from Cape Town, South Africa, is our Duracell Bunny that never stops. He started yachting 4 years ago, originally joining to support his dream of finding Atlantis. His amazing energy, unwavering positive attitude and excellent knowledge on deck is easily visible in his standard of work. “Ro” is also the vessels dive instructor, with a wealth of experience under the waves and his safety conscious mindset, he is always wanting to take guests on their best diving experience ever. Despite being the youngest member of the team, he can grow the best moustache onboard, something he boasts about daily. Ro is a gifted video editor and has an amazing eye for photography and videography, he will be there to capture the very best of the trip from onboard, underwater and from the skies.

CHEF - Edward Atkinson
Chef Edward Atkinson, hailing from South England, trained at the 5-star Bull Hotel in Gerards Cross Bucks in England, completing his NVQ 1/2/3 in professional catering. Chef Ed then moved to Guernsey in order to train under top chef Sean Digary at a 5-star, 3 Rosette Hotel. Chef Ed has 10 years experience in restaurants, bistros, hotels and professional catering around England, and has coupled that with 9 years experience out at sea on yachts. He is now a Mallorca resident, falling in love with the local seafood and fresh produce available at the Tapas restaurants. He plans on continuing his career in yachting to continue meeting new people and making new friends. Outside the galley you can find Ed on the golf course, ski slopes or mountain bike trails (thats what he says, realistically you will find him at the local pub with a pint, doing his best impression of a stereotypical Englishman).