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FELICIA Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:2
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:USA
Languages Spoken: English

Hello from beautiful Virgin Islands! My name is Igor, but my friends call me Sky. I have been part of the boating community here for over ten years and have loved every moment of It. I try to connect my guests with the beauty, history and culture of this incredible place. My favorite boating activities are sailing and snorkeling; which I take guests to the best spots. I usually start my day with Yoga and guests are always welcome to join. Safety is my priority and I am a non-smoker and a non-drinker. I am very easy going and give my guests plenty of privacy unless they want to play table games or listen to some sea stories. I look forward to meeting and welcoming my guests onboard Felicia. Thank you and safe sailing!

Life is all about new experiences and dancing in the rain. Memories that last a lifetime. Meghan Ferguson, a self proclaimed Experience Manager, knows how to bring that to life. As a child, Meghan would sail the Caribbean on a charter with her brother and father each year. A sadness would overcome her every time the boat would dock the vacation was over. So, she decided to turn her love of chartering into a career.

Growing up, Meghans mother owned a restaurant in Hidden Valley Lake. She grew up in the restaurant industry and worked in many roles ranging from the front of the house to kitchen tasks. While in college, she focused on strengthening her culinary and fine dining skills. She was then recruited to work for Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, where they specialized in entertaining guests from start to finish. One philosopher stated, “We have a live audience every night. Attention to detail is key to getting an applause at the end of the meal."

Meghan's "center stage" charisma furthered her career in the corporate arena as a traveling sales and technology trainer for Zillow Group. This venture enabled her to conduct training customer experience while also experiencing world class restaurants and extending her travel and palate to India, Vietnam, Thailand, Africa and Europe. When Covid changed the world, Meghan spent more time mastering her craft in the kitchen and decided to change her climate to the Caribbean. She worked for Virgin Islands Ecotour as a guide as well as a travel agent before returning to her true passion of chartering.

Expanding on the principles of her education within Culinary Entertainment of "People come here to celebrate life," Meghan excels at understanding her guests dietary delights and wows them in presentation and palate. Celebrating life and creating culinary masterpieces for all palates is what Meghan loves to do.