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PICNIC Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:12
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:American
Languages Spoken: NA

Rotational Captain // : Jorgen Gormsen:
Jorgen Gormsen (GORM) is of Danish nationality, married for 21 years and has been in yachting for 30 years. Gorm lived in Greenland for 8 years where in this time he was involved with engineering work, coaching Team Handball and treasurer of the Greenland handball federation. He worked as a yacht engineer before he changed it up and took up the challenge to become Captain. Gorms 22 years experience as a captain has been on charter yachts sized from 35 meters(115 ft) to 56 meters(185 ft). He has navigated the US East & West coast, Mediterranean, Seychelles, Caribbean, Svalbard, Galapagos, Tahiti and New Zealand. He is easy going, fun loving and will try his utmost to ensure that your stay on PICNIC will be one of the best vacations youve had. Gorm is a keen diver and also loves to spend time on the golf courses.

Rotational Captainâ?¨// Shaun Frith:
Shaun originates from Johannesburg, South Africa but spends his time at home in the Cape Winelands these days. Coming from an IT background, he starting yachting in 2009 and has worked on vessels ranging from 35m to 110m. Apart from being captain he is also a qualified rescue diver and has been on board Motor Yacht Picnic since February 2020. Shaun has travelled the hot spots of the Mediterranean and Caribbean as well as having done stints on the East Coast of the USA as well as the South Pacific including Australia. Shaun is easy going and communicates openly to ensure that you have the best possible time onboard.

Chief Officerâ?¨// Michael Boyle:
Michael is no stranger to the sea as he was brought up in the biggest fishing port in Ireland on the Atlantic Ocean. He has been in the yachting industry since 2008, when he started as a seasonal steward whilst at university. He has continued full time since 2012 as a deckhand and progressed from Bosun to Chief Officer. Previous to yachting, he worked for a year aboard a factory fishing trawler in Africa. Michael loves being in the water and being active with the tenders and toys, while also being a keen diver.

Bosun // Colm Kei Costello:
Having grown up on the east coast of South Africa in the small town of Port St. Johns, Colm has always been an avid outdoorsman. He has a great passion for boating and water sport activities since he was introduced to these activities from a very young age by his father who was the station commander for the National Sea Rescue Institute base 28 for numerous years. To this day, Colm enjoys a wide range of outdoors activities that include fishing, spearfishing, bodyboarding, camping and 4x4ing through to golf and tennis. He has been in yachting since 2011 and worked on a variety of vessel sizes ranging from 115m expedition yachts through to Captaining a 54ft yacht based out of Monaco.

Deckhand // Henry Logan:
Henry grew up on a farm in regional Australia but when he moved to Sydney, he immediately started making efforts to spend time at the beach. Henry went to university and attained a degree in Media, while there he was an active sailor in a social race club on the harbour. Having spent a year backpacking and another year at a ski resort, it was clear that Henry did not want to work at a desk. He discovered the excitement the superyacht industry had to offer in 2018 and hasnt looked back since. When Henry isn't on deck, he enjoys yoga, hiking and any form of beach activity.

Deckhand // Jake Barry:
Jacob has decided to embark on his new career as an able seaman, to execute his passion with all things involving the oceans. He was born in 1994 in Swansea, Wales, and has become an experienced outdoor sportsman; in particular, he loves to surf, sail, spearfish and travel. He is a professional waterski and wakeboard instructor. With his new qualification, Yachtmaster Offshore, he is now focused on becoming a future captain within the yachting industry. He is a positive and fun person to be around and enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion with others. He is a hard-working and diligent crew member who always strives to better himself, and takes pride in his work and safety for all. He enjoys interacting with guests and there is literally no job too big or small.

Rotational Chief Stewardess // Charlize Frith:
Charlize was born in South Africa and raised in the country side on a wine farm near Cape Town. She completed her studies as a Somatologist where she gained thorough knowledge of customer service and management, which prepared her well for her ventures in yachting. Charlize joined the yachting industry in 2013 and has cruised extensively throughout the Mediterranean and a few seasons spent in Caribbean waters in this time. With a great love for what she does, Charlize is committed to go the extra mile to ensure guest have a wonderful time on board, leaving M/Y Picnic with the best of memories. Her hobbies includes hiking, Pilates and getting stuck reading a good book.

Rotational Chief Stewardess // Gaylaine Quach:
Gaylaine was born and raised in the metropolitan city of Toronto, Canada. At an early age, she discovered her love for travel; road tripping up and down both coasts of North America, travelling to Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, and Australia with her family. Having a passion for the outdoors, she also enjoys skiing, kayaking and hiking. Gaylaine is bilingual, speaking English and Cantonese and is trying her best to learn Afrikaans. She worked as a lifeguard throughout high school and studied, Psychology, Anthropology, and Biology in University. Longing for a change of scenery, Gaylaine moved to Antigua in 2013, where she attended medical school. However, enticed by the surrounding waters and variety of yachts in English Harbor, she decided to transition into the yachting industry. She is committed to exceeding guests expectations and providing a wonderful time onboard M/Y Picnic.

Second Stewardess // Ana Grivic:
Ana was born and raised in Montenegro, Bay of Kotor, and has always lived close to the sea. She has a great affinity with the ocean and after traveling abroad, this is what drew her to yachting. Working as a stewardess has allowed Ana to combine her strong skills in hospitality with her love for the water. A passionate dancer with 16 years on the scene and a number of World Championship trophies, Ana has been on boats since 2015 cruising the Mediterranean but hoping to go further. She can live without food, but she cannot live without the sea. Ana will make every trip a truly memorable one.

Third Stewardess // Lidia Ackerman:
Lidia crew up in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South-Africa. She is part of a big family and is one of a twin, who is interestingly also part of the yachting industry. Her passion for water and diving fueled her change in career from once owning her own handmade jewelry company she transferred her customer service skills over to the yachting industry. In her spare time she enjoys being active and likes outdoor activities like, hiking, swimming, diving and snorkeling. Lidia loves to exercise and dance with salsa and cha-cha being her favorite types. Lidia is hardworking and always ensures guests onboard have a memorable trip.

Fourth Stewardess // Alejandra Cox:
Alejandra is a Galapagos islander, with a childhood surrounded by giant tortoises and adventurous sailing boats in her hometown harbor. Her passion for adventure and sailing started when joining her naturalist guide father onboard tourism expeditions around the Galapagos, here she developed a love for nature and wildlife as well as the protection of it. Alejandra studied advertising and graduated with a thesis in visual arts. She worked in the digital department for several agencies in mainland Ecuador. In addition, she has also taken several photography courses, which she likes to combine with her travels. Alejandra is an inspiration for young girls in Galapagos, encouraging them to travel and achieve their dreams.

Rotational Chef // Gjorgi Mitev:
Chef Gjorgi was born and raised in Macedonia where his passion for all things food began. He studied Food Science and Technology, apprenticed in some of Macedonias finest hotels after which he opened his own restaurant at the young age of 20. He then moved to St. Maarten where he met his wife and had a baby. During his time in St. Maarten, after being exposed to the industry and having a brother who was already working on yachts, Gjorgi began his career as a yacht chef. During his 9-year yachting career, he has continuously explored various cuisines while working alongside some amazing chefs in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. Chef Gjorgi has served elite clientele both on land and on luxury sailing and motor yachts. He looks forward to stimulating guests palate with cuisine from all over the world. To see more of his work, look up Gjorgi on Instagram, @chef_gjorgi.

Rotational Chef // Luke Day:
Luke is a chef of 14 years experience at sea on yachts ranging from 30 to 90 meters. He has worked across the globe for royal families, blue chip owners, etc. of many nationalities. He has a vast experience of different cultural foods ranging from British to Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Born in Brighton in 1980 he has worked in restaurants since 2003 after graduating from university in 2002 in graphic design. His passion for food has enabled him to train alongside Michelin trained chefs in Italy and London. His main strengths are Italian and British cuisine and pastry. He is a fun guy who is self-motivated and believes laughter is the cure. A very approachable chef that enjoys personnel requests or surprising his guests with his own menus. He looks forward to making your dining an uncomplicated and fresh experience.

Rotational Chief Engineer // Theo Smit:
Theo was born and raised surrounded by the breathtaking natural scenery that is Cape Town, South Africa. His strong love for the outdoors landed him a position as an adventure tour guide throughout the whole of Africa, showing tourists everything from the Namib Desert to Zambias Victoria Falls. In 2009 Theo embarked on a new adventure on the sea and his engineering and travel skills married happily with his transition to the world of yachting. Theo has been trained by a number of the best engineers the industry has to offer and recently achieved his Chief Engineer (Y3) License. When he isnt working (which is rare!) you can find him exploring the outdoors, hiking, watching sports and spending time with his family in South Africa.

Rotational Chief Engineer // Richard Tann:
Originally from the Maritime City of Southampton in the UK, Richard has been a marine engineer for 22 years and has been working on yachts for the past 8 years. Before that he was in the British Royal Navy, serving as an engineer on Submarines for 16 years. He has been to most of the seas of the world, and is now enjoying seeing whats above the water as opposed to being under it, although he does like to go diving when the opportunity arises. When he is not working he enjoys Mountain biking, hiking, and lifting heavy things in whatever gym he can get to.

Second Engineer // Peter Williams:
Peter grew up on the South Coast of the UK and in 2003 embarked on a career in Marine Engineering that has, as of September 2020, seen him welcomed onboard as Second Engineer of Motor Yacht Picnic. Having transitioned to the world of Superyachts in 2014 from a far different lifestyle on the beautiful Greek island of Lefkada, Peter has had the privilege of working on some of the most prestigious vessels in the industry, with some of its most skilled Engineers. His expansive career to date has afforded him the necessary skills to maintain and operate sophisticated vessels such as M/Y Picnic. Peter is an avid motorsports fan and when not participating in some form of personal development, enjoys hiking and spending quality time with his young family.