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BLUE N' WHITE Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:3
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:GREEK
Languages Spoken: GREEK & ENGLISH

CAPTAIN: Antonis Trousas
Nationality: Greek
Age 53
Licences: Life saving & fire fighting appliances, First Aid, Speedboat.

Captain Antonis was born in 1965, is Greek, married and father of one child.
He graduated the Hellenic Naval Academy and completed a 26 years successful career as a Naval Officer. After his retirement in 2008 with the rank of the Captain he joined the yachting business and was a Captain on Various Motor Yachts since then.
He has very good manners, a lot of skills, team work and always willing to assist and serve clients needs.
He is very communicative, he has positive thoughts and is always keen to share his knowledge of the hidden beauties of Greece with their guests.
His extensive experience of life cruising at sea insure that guests will have unique memories from Greek Islands.
He enjoys communicate with people, yachting, traveling.
He speaks English.

HOSTESS/COOK: Dimitra Theodoropoulou
Nationality: Greek
Age 38

Dimitra was born in Athens and works in yachting industry since 2004.
She is very experienced in working as stewardess on various yachts providing highest standards of service. She is a hardworking member who will always be there to assist with a big smile on her face. Dimitra enjoys traveling, cooking, listening to music and drawing.
She speaks fluent English and basic Italian.

Nationality: Greek
Age 24
Licences: Speedboat, Skipper.

Ioannis is a deckhand and assisting steward.
He takes pride in keeping the yacht in pristine condition. He is a trusted aid for the captain and enjoys taking good care of guests on board.
He enjoys communicating with people, yachting, traveling.
Ioannis speaks English.