Tandem yacht charters fro small groups
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Why Choose a Private Luxury Yacht Charter? It’s Personal, It’s Private. It’s Exclusive

No other high-end trip, resort or destination can touch the experience of a private luxury yacht charter. Your floating villa offers you the freedom to explore where the spirit moves you while your captain, chef, and crew provide hospitality that leaves five-star ratings in the dust. These floating works of art represent the best-of-the-best on the seas.

 Everything on a Private Yacht Charter is Customized to What YOU Want

From where you'll sail to the vintage of wines you'll drink, everything is bespoke on a private yacht charter. There is truly no other getaway experience on earth that can hold a candle to your ability to customize options from A to Z while enjoying ultimate freedom, discreet service, and an endless array of activities.

The Itinerary is Yours

Name your islands or a corner of the world. Your bucket list doesn't stand a chance against a private luxury yacht charter, because these sublime beauties can reach remote harbors and explore hidden coves that can only be accessed by yacht. You decide where you want to go, how long you want to stay there, and what to do once you’re there.

At Ocean Getaways, we want to learn as much as we can about your personal preferences, your likes and dislikes and what you expect on a private luxury yacht charter vacation. Our objective is to co-design and flawlessly implement your personal dream vacation on a private yacht charter.

Freedom and Flexibility

You're the boss of your own luxury yacht charter holiday. The macro plan means you do what you want, when you want. The micro plan means that you have the freedom and flexibility to change plans as you go.

Find a teeming Caribbean coral reef that you'd love to explore? We can anchor and pull out the snorkeling equipment and diving gear. Want to pop into town for some shopping? We can steer into port. Bringing the family along? No water toy request is too big or too small.

Complete Privacy

You book the entire yacht for just you and your family and friends. Your discreet crew is devoted to only you. Whether you want the privacy of cherished family time or the pleasure of only interacting with the people you most want to be with, a private yacht charter provides just that. Of course the shore is just a command away when you want to get social.

“Beyond the Ordinary” Service

Our hand-picked crews are expertly trained and highly experienced in creating the perfect private yacht charter vacation for you which means delivering 5-star service, meals, and fun. The service at a private luxury yacht charter ranges from very formal to casually elegant. Again, that choice is yours.


Do let us know what amenities you're looking for on a private yacht charter: a hot tub under the open sky, a spa pool or heated lap pool, a private air-conditioned gym or cinema, or perhaps a helipad or a certified dive master.

A private chartered yacht is the ultimate symbol of luxury, and such preferences are easily accommodated. Regardless, you will always find

glamorous design, original curated works of art, state-of-the-art technology and personal entertainment systems.


Consider crafting a private luxury yacht charter itinerary around your favorite international cuisine. The tantalizing flavors of fragrant Turkish delights, New England lobsters fresh from the waters of Narragansett Bay, or the delicately exotic tastes of Indonesian cooking.

Whatever your preference, gourmet meals on a private yacht charter are created by world-class chefs, many trained in Michelin-starred kitchens. Their skills are complemented by our outstanding mixologists for handcrafted cocktails and a master sommelier's knowledge of the best selections from outstanding wine cellars.

For informal meals, why not carry a bespoke picnic hamper on the yacht's tender to a secluded beach for a romantic interlude? Some guests enjoy people-watching over dinner berthed at the quay or indulge in our suggestions for a themed evening for the children's pleasure or to mark a special occasion.