Motor Yacht 'BLACKWOOD', 9 PAX, 4 Crew, 103.00 Ft, 31.00 Meters, Built 1998, Broward, Refit Year 2018
Motor Yacht 'BLACKWOOD', 9 PAX, 4 Crew, 103.00 Ft, 31.00 Meters, Built 1998, Broward, Refit Year 2018

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BLACKWOOD Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:4
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:USA
Languages Spoken: NA

Captain Kyrie Reichman

Born and raised along the Central California Coast, some of his earliest memories were of hunting for abalone with his father who was a commercial abalone diver. The travel bug bit him during his first family trip down into Mexico on a surfing and spear diving adventure. After high school, Kyrie moved up to Santa Cruz California to go to college and study marine mammals where he got his Biology Degree. During this time he studied dolphins, whales, elephant seals and sea lions. With the ink still wet from his freshly printed degree, Kyrie took off to Indonesia with a backpack and a surfboard under his arm for an adventure of a lifetime. Just as his travel funds started to run low, Kyrie was watching the sunset from a beach in Sri Lanka when a bunch of sailboats sailed by on the horizon going to the Mediterranean. The very next day Kyrie headed down to to the nearby marina and got on a sailboat heading to the Mediterranean via the Indian Ocean and The Red Sea. While sailing around Turkey, he met a captain of a large motor yacht that needed crew to help get his boat over to the Caribbean, so what initially started as a temporary seasonal job to make some money, has turned into a 30 year career as a professional mariner, working his way up the anchor chain from a deckhand to a 3000 ton licensed captain. With all of his travels, guests often ask where is the favorite place that he has been. Most expect some exotic tropical island fringed with white sand and palm trees, but they are surprised when he says southeast Alaska in the summertime! Now spending his 5th season in Alaska, nothing beats the wild majestic calving glaciers, scenery and wildlife that the inside passage offers.

Chef Megan Barnes Reichman

Chef Megan was raised and educated in New England, where her love for all things coastal developed at an early age. She has over 35 years of experience in the culinary industry, including 18 years as a chef on private and charter yachts. Megan's lifetime of travel has inspired her to master many regional culinary customs and techniques. She has served as Executive Chef for restaurants at Lowe's, the Four Seasons, and Noble hotels in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, and California. A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, she holds an Associate's degree in Culinary Arts, a Bachelor's degree in Food and Beverage management, and a Master's degree in Hospitality Business. Above all, Megan loves the ART of cooking, but also enjoys the hospitality aspects of food service, including planning and provisioning. She has extensive experience producing delicious meals for those with dietary restrictions, and enjoys combining new and innovative techniques with a classic foundation to delight the palates of her guests.

Griffen Ponce - First Mate

Originally hailing from sunny Newport Beach, he grew up as a “waterman in Southern California. He began his career working as a wakeboard and waterski coach, and deckhand on the famous Catalina Island ferry. Six years ago Griffen moved to South Florida to seek a life in yachting. He has been blessed to work in Florida, the Bahamas, New England, and now Alaska. His goal is to help deliver a memorable vacation to every guest aboard Blackwood.

Megan Ayre - Stewardess

Megan was born in the UK, but grew up in Connecticut on the shores of Long Island Sound. Her love of all things boats was passed on by her parents, who both worked in the yachting industry. Megan has over six years of experience as yacht crew and stewardess, mostly in the boating mecca of South Florida, where she also successfully managed several estates. Working closely with the Captain and Chef, Megans goal is to give her guests an unforgettable Alaska holiday.