Sailing Yacht 'ICHIBAN', 8 PAX, 2 Crew, 70.00 Ft, 21.00 Meters, Built 1983, Nautor Swan, Refit Year 2013
Sailing Yacht 'ICHIBAN' Table set for three course dinner, 8 PAX, 2 Crew, 70.00 Ft, 21.00 Meters, Built 1983, Nautor Swan, Refit Year 2013

ICHIBAN Yacht Charter Guide

ICHIBAN Yacht Sample Menu


Continental breakfast is set out with a selection of hot drinks tea, coffee chocolate,

Fruit juices, cereals, yogurt, toasts, jam,butter

Also eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, smoked salmon, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheeses.



Bleak-roe from Kalix served with potato pancake, onion and smetana

Grilled asparagus on herb salad served with a honeyand spring onion vinaigrette and fried crisp bacon

Crayfish soup served with roasted flatbread

Reindeer burger served with mushrooms and lingonberry caramel

Smoked roe deer served with marmalade and horse radish on black bread

Grilled scallops served with cauliflower cream and roasted prosciutto



Salad with serrano ham, strawberries and Bresola

Bulgur salad served with lamb sausage, beetroot and mint yoghurt

Fish soup served with aioli and croutons

Yellow pea soup and Swedish pancakes with strawberries

Smoked salmon from Söderöra served with new potatoes and lime sauce

Chicken with vermouth sauce and mashed potatoes



Thyme lamb served with herb sauce, roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes

Cod served with Västerbotten cheese pie, pickled chanterelles and a purée of parsnips

Deer fillet served with wine sauce and a potato cake

Baked salmon served with salad of fennel, Tartar sauceand new potatoes

Swedish meat balls with mushroom sauce and lingonberry

Grilled veal entrecote served with owen baked tomatoes and roasted almond potatoes





Vanilla ice cream in an almond basket

Cheese cake from Småland served with uncooked blueberry preserve

Apple pie with homemade vanilla cream

Créme brûlée with Muscavado sugar served with black currants

Creamy chocolate brownie served with whipped cream and raspberries

Rhubarb soup served with almond biscuits