Catamaran Yacht 'XANDROS', 8 PAX, 3 Crew, 65.00 Ft, 19.00 Meters, Built 2021, Lagoon
Catamaran Yacht 'XANDROS' Cockpit, 8 PAX, 3 Crew, 65.00 Ft, 19.00 Meters, Built 2021, Lagoon

XANDROS Yacht Charter Guide

XANDROS Yacht Sample Menu

Sam's  Sample menu

Day 1:

Breakfast :homemade Sourdough- avocado, scallop, dehydrated banana, sunflower seeds

Lunch: grilled calamari salad-local greens, sesame aioli, fines herbs

Snack: Caviar service- caramelized shallot, creme fraiche, sesame crackers

Dinner: handmade tagliatelle with clams, parsley, 

Dessert: caramel pots de creme- caramelized apple, chantilly


Day 2:

Breakfast: mocha bread pudding- brulee cherry syrup

Lunch: toasted focaccia terrine- marinated cucumber, smoked fish spread

Snack: yellowtail ceviche tostada- pickled chillies, preserved lemon, aioli

Dinner: seared market fish- mojo de ajo, braised fennel, confit tomato

Dessert: Olive oil cake- umeboshi buttercream, berry thyme compote


Day 3:

Breakfast: Homemade granola, coconut creme fraiche

Lunch: child hand pulled noodles, salsa macha, lime avocado

Snack:  Oysters-  basil granita, fresh roe, chii crisp

Dinner: Grilled ribeye, romesco- charred allium, tallow ‘butter’, lemon

Dessert: Chocolate budino


Day 4:

Breakfast: Shakshuka- eggs tomato, cilantro, bell peppers

Lunch: fried eggplant, tomato sofrito, fried herbs

Snack: Ceviche- leche de tigre, cilantro, jalapeno, crackers

Dinner: Grilled octopus- mole, radicchio agrodolce, crispy chickpea

Dessert: Black tea flan- candied nuts


Day 5:

Breakfast: soft scrambled egg toast, smoked salmon, chives, crema

Lunch: Seared tuna- white bean salad, mint aioli, sesame seeds 

Snack:  Grilled whole shrimp,smoked  tomato butter, miso,  lime

Dinner: Grilled lobster- Creamed yucca root, chili oil. Charred citrus

Dessert: seasonal crostada, rosemary ice cream


Day 6:

Breakfast: Tomato salad- confit and fresh, chilled grains, strawberries

Lunch: cioppino-, acqua pazza, mussel, crab,

Snack: melon balls in port- smoked sea salt, basil

Dinner: rack of lamb- fingerling potatoes, mint chimichurri, chilli crisp

Dessert: Lime tart- caramel, chantilly


Day 7:

Breakfast: Speck and veggie frittata, whipped sage ricotta

Lunch: Avocado soup- pickled bok choy, lobster

Snack: Confit mushroom toast- sourdough, boquerones, homemade ricotta, cured egg yolk

Dinner: Grilled whole Market fish- rapini puree, grain risotto, uni

Dessert: grilled pineapple upsidedown cake