Catamaran Yacht 'KIMATA', 8 PAX, 3 Crew, 67.00 Ft, 20.00 Meters, Built 2021, Fountaine Pajot
Catamaran Yacht 'KIMATA', 8 PAX, 3 Crew, 67.00 Ft, 20.00 Meters, Built 2021, Fountaine Pajot

KIMATA Yacht Charter Guide

KIMATA Yacht Sample Menu


Fresh juices

All types of eggs

Variety of jams with or without sugar

Variety in bakery (traditional, whole grain, corn)

Bread with tahini, pine honey, peanut butter

Different types of cereals

Yogurt with fresh fruits

Pancakes, waffles, donuts, and crepes



Homemade leek pie with mixed cheese

Tartar  tuna with ponzu

Homemade cheese pie with flowered honey

 Saganaki mussels with vegetables, fresh tomato, ouzo and star anise seed

Grilled manouri cheese in marinated tomato slice and cucumber with yogurt sauce and fine chopped spinach

Baked chickpeas with lemon and thyme

Smoked salmon rolls with Philadelphia cheese flavored with chives and lime

Zucchini and eggplant tempura with yogurt sauce and homemade mayonnaise

Fresh grilled tuna with asparagus in sheets of antives and fine chopped aspic

Vegetable feasts with white parmesan cream sauce

Bruschetta garlic flavor with fresh marinated anchovy fish

Santorini fava with caramelized onions and cherry tomatoes confi and rosemary



Greek salad with dakos bites and feta cheese

Baby spinach salad with marinated chicken breast grilled and flavored with herbs and vinaigrette sauce

Sole meuniere with asparagus and beetroots

Crust leaf nests stuffed with feta cheese with honey sesame and poppy seed

Rocket salad with lettuce, finocin, cherry tomatoes with parmesan flakes and lemon sauce flavored with Greek herbs

Radicios, green Lola ,red Lola,  iceberg, pomegranates walnuts with sauce vinaigrette flavored with thyme

Salad tomato mozzarella and homemade pesto basil

Kinoa salad with grilled vegetables and vinaigrette sauce flavored with orange

Green salad spinach, iceberg, Lolo green ,katiki, domokou cheese flavored with pesto from dried tomato

Salad with lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, grilled shrimps with spicy lemon sauce

Salad with lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, grilled shrimps with spicy lemon sauce

Lentils salad with grilled vegetables cherry tomatoes confi and grilled manouri cheese

Caesar salad with white spicy sauce and parmesan flakes

Cretan dakos bites with olive oil fresh squeezed tomato and goat cheese

Politiki salad from cabbage, carrots, grilled pepper red coriander, and white vinegar sauce

Greek salad with cherry tomatoes caper olives whole grain bites with flavored olive oil garlic and Oregon and feta cheese

Mixed green vegetables with grilled talagani cheese pomegranate and green apple

Nicoise salad with herbs and lemon sauce



Gazpacho of tomato with spicy croutons

Cold soup from carrots and ginger

Pumpkin veloute cold soup

Sea bass Carpaccio



Moussaka from grilled vegetables and fresh cooked minced beef

Steamed sea bass with white wine sauce, grapes and Santorini capers companion ratatui vegetables

Bakery giants with smoked paprika grilled sausage and caramelized onions

Spinach ravioli with fresh tomato sauce and basil

Lasagna with feta cheese and baby spinach

Grilled chicken burger with parsnip puree and coriander sauce

Lasagna with feta cheese and baby spinach

Mushroom risotto with flakes from white truffle

Oven roasted sea bream with Greek herbs, cherry tomatoes and fresh fine accompany baked baby potatoes with rosemary and roasted vegetables

Beef filet with Visanto Sant orini sauce companion tournento grilled vegetables

Sashimi fresh salmon with ginger and hot sesame oil

Rib Eye black angus with tsimitsouri sauce and baked potato and onion rings

Roasted Salmon croquettes with beetroot sauce and yogurt

Crunchy chicken  bites oven cooked with sweet chili sauce

Eggplant rolls with feta cheese fresh tomato and basil  slow cooked on the oven

Handmade tagliatelle with seafood fresh tomato ouzo and basil

Lobster pasta with fresh tomato and basil

Crunchy pork belly with citrus sauce and honey according baby sauté potatoes with thyme and garlic

Stuffed tomatoes and multi color peppers bell with rice vegetables raisin and pine

Steamed grouper in vegetables nests with soft campaign sauce

Grilled salmon with orange sauce and fresh turmeric and broccoli pouting steamed

Crunchy fresh squid marinated with ouzo roasted in the oven with avocado mousse and grilled baby carrots

Steamed minced meat  with fresh tomato sauce accompanying puree trilogy  

Braze cooked fresh beef with orzo rice and fresh tomato sauce and flakes graviera cheese

Fresh codfish croquettes with light flavored skordalia from potatoes and bread with herbs according baby carrots sauté


Chocolate fondant

Ice cream with fresh fruits

Cold beetroot soup with yogurt

Mille Feuille with vanilla cream and strawberries

Free grazing organic chicken breast cooked with curry and coconut milk, served with rice noodles

Lemon mousse

Lemon pie

Greek Galaktompoureko

Ekmek  kataifi with rose jam

Ice cream

Chocolate tart

Fresh vegetable tart with vanilla cream

Cheesecake with strawberry jam